“I am so happy I have found a good Dentist Office, not always easy. One that actually cares and takes Pride in what they do.  From the time you walk into Dr. Pennington and Dr. Parker’s Office to the time you finish with your appointment, checking out at the front desk (Allison) you will be taken care of in a friendly, professional manner.

When I first went to this Office (about 9 years ago) I needed so much work to be done. I needed Implants and crowns, my teeth had big fillings.
Dr. Pennington did my Implants, then Dr. Parker did my upper front crowns and adjusted my bite. His Assistants are all very knowledgeable and made sure I was comfortable. (Tiffany and Jennifer)

Had Root Canal done by Dr. Greer. In between that time I kept up with my Cleaning Appointments (with Andrea, super nice Hygienist). It was a long process but I’m so happy with the end results. I smile more now, everybody compliments me on my teeth. It really makes a difference”


“At age 80, how important is the condition of your mouth? Is it worth the investment in implants? Many of the elderly share this dilemma – especially with the rising cost of living. I made the choice to fill the gap left by three teeth in poor condition. The quality of my life has improved-no more infections to deal with and I can enjoy the food choices of my younger years.There’s nothing better than a good steak – not to mention the cosmetic advantage as well. I have witnessed contemporaries making different choices (e.g., false teeth) and being dissatisfied with the result.

I would recommend taking a long look for a good dentist to fulfill your needs. I have done so. My choice to use the Parker, Pennington and Greer dental practice has enhanced my quality of life during my senior years.”


“Parker & Pennington provides the complete package: from doctors to assistants to front desk staff. I’ve had a wonderful experience each and every time.”

Galen Perdikis, M.D.

“My family and I have had the privilege to have been patients of Dr. Robert Soud for many years. With his passing, we were concerned about the future of our dental care. We were quite pleased that he had begun a transition to Drs. Parker and Pennington.

We have been very satisfied with the quality, professional skills, and artistic ability of Sid Parker, DMD and Jeff Pennington, DMD. Their professional leadership is evident in interactions with every staff member in their practice. Their commitment to patient safety and satisfaction is always delivered with a personal touch.

We have found Parker and Pennington Dentistry models and mentors the same quality and professionalism that I provide to my patients at the Mayo Clinic.”

Jerry W SayreMD, Mayo Clinic

“I would strongly recommend Dr. Sid Parker or Dr. Jeff Pennington and their staff for dental work. They are very professional and competent in the high-quality care they provide. Just as important, the friendly environment gives great comfort to all those patients who seek to address their overall dental needs. No better place to find the best dental care in this community!”

Rick SteinCEO, Managing Partner, Fletcher/Stein Insurance Brokerage

“I have worked professionally with Drs. Parker and Pennington for seven years. They are both highly-skilled, ethical clinicians who consistently deliver excellent clinical dentistry. Their practice is extremely well run, and they are very focused on the individual needs and goals of each of their patients.

Importantly, they are enthusiastically dedicated to continuing education and have invested a tremendous amount of time and resources into becoming the best practitioners they can possibly be.”

Dr. Kevin O’Shaughnessy

“Dr. Parker’s reputation is beyond reproach. He is fastidious, meticulous and, above all, a perfectionist. He has helped me personally with several large ‘renovations’ and provided this service in a painless, comfortable environment.

Dr. Parker is a generous man, as he funds mission work that he and his office participate in both locally and overseas.”

Dr. Dale WhitakerJacksonville Orthopedic Institute

“My dentures fit great and I can eat anything I want and do not have any pain anymore. I also find that I am never sick anymore.”


“I went to three different dental offices to have a lower denture made and could not eat with any of them until I found your office. Implants are a wonderful thing. You guys are great!”


“First of all, Dr. Parker tries not to be judgmental. He truly understands the genetics of patients and loves the challenges. He’s one of those rare dentists who don’t settle for 89% or even 98%. His standards lean towards your standards. He demands excellence from himself. I have felt like I have known him for a very long time.

“I have enjoyed his chair side demeanor, his wit, and sense of humor. His respect for you as a human, caring, and time has gone a long way. But, yet being professional. He seems to ‘steer’ away from the ‘cattle call’ waiting room theory. This tells me he values and respects you as patient.

“Patience is the key for ‘custom dentures.’ My adventure has been a great one. My family has seen me go from a ‘low’ to an all-time high. My biggest thrill is to ‘crunch’ loud to and irritate the grandchildren. No more sitting on the sideline. I look forward to each day. And when your husband tells you that you look ten years younger. Then you can only give the credit to Dr. Parker.”