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Dentist - Parker and Pennington Dentistry St. Mary's

We welcome you like a member of the family.

Welcome to Parker & Pennington Dentistry, where we combine modern dentistry and advanced training with small town friendliness, to provide highly comprehensive dental care for your entire family. We provide all the services you could need, from cleanings and checkups to teeth straightening and full-mouth restorations.

Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington are well respected by both patients and peers due to their experience, professionalism, perfectionism and genuine interest in your well being.

We’ll put you at ease with our warm, caring service

We extend the friendly, close-knit atmosphere we all enjoy in St. Marys to our state-of-the-art practice, where we welcome you like a member of our family. Our patients frequently comment on how much they appreciate the kindness and compassion of our doctors, and their dedicated staff.

State-of-the-art technology and treatment

We are a high-tech, research-driven practice, and we implement technology and protocols only when they have been proven to be beneficial to our patients.

We keep our systems and software up-to-date to provide efficient, streamlined service in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Highly skilled, world class dentistry

Dentist - Parker and Pennington Dentistry St. Mary'sContinually honing their skills and expanding their knowledge through post-doctorate education is extremely important to Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington. They are both graduates of the Kois Center for Excellence and have attended courses at the Dawson Academy for Advanced Dental Education. Additionally, both our doctors have received advanced training in diagnostics at the Scottsdale Center and have completed training at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Parker has become adept at providing custom dentures by working with Jack Turbyfill, renowned denture specialist, and Dr. Pennington has extended his knowledge of dental implantation with training at the Misch International Implant Institution.

Both doctors have published articles on complex dental procedures in trusted medical journals.

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Multidisciplinary skills to restore your mouth to full health

Dentist - Parker and Pennington Dentistry St. Mary's

We use 3D panoramic X-rays to plan full-mouth restoration treatment.

Chewing can be painful and smiling can be embarrassing when you have multiple missing teeth, decayed teeth or ill-fitting dentures. Dr. Sid Parker and Dr. Jeff Pennington are both well trained in multidisciplinary procedures that provide them with the knowledge to treat complex cases and restore your mouth to full health, function and beauty.

They provide full-mouth restorations that include procedures such as implant-supported crowns, dental implants, bridges and dentures, as well as treatments for gum disease, TMJ disorders and misaligned bites. Our doctors can rehabilitate your mouth so that you are free to enjoy life to its fullest!

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