Freddie appreciates being kept free from discomfort during all treatments, such as root canal therapy.

“I followed up on the recommendation I had received to Parker & Pennington Dentistry, on my first visit I was pleased with the staff and the cleaning. I felt confident meeting with Dr. Pennington and his appraisal of my teeth. He acknowledged that I needed to have old dental work replaced, and he watched things closely and spread the work out over the years.

“Dr. Pennington does beautiful work, and I have had good outcomes with everything he has done over the years. He is very careful to match colors when doing crowns, and I have no sensitive areas. I tend to get very tense during treatments, and Dr. Pennington and his staff are always concerned with whether I am experiencing any discomfort during the procedure. He has done fillings, some bonding, several crowns and a root canal.”


After root canal therapy, Jane is happy to have been shown ways to maintain her oral health at home.

“My first visit with Dr. Pennington’s office was around the Christmas holidays. I felt it was an emergency, and they were able to take me right in. Everyone in the office is so friendly, professional and thorough. They want to be sure they have taken care of my dental needs. I also like this practice because I feel they stay up-to-date on the latest technology. They have also shown me ways to take better care of my teeth and gums.”