“At age 80, how important is the condition of your mouth? Is it worth the investment in implants? Many of the elderly share this dilemma – especially with the rising cost of living. I made the choice to fill the gap left by three teeth in poor condition. The quality of my life has improved-no more infections to deal with and I can enjoy the food choices of my younger years.There’s nothing better than a good steak – not to mention the cosmetic advantage as well. I have witnessed contemporaries making different choices (e.g., false teeth) and being dissatisfied with the result.

I would recommend taking a long look for a good dentist to fulfill your needs. I have done so. My choice to use the Parker, Pennington and Greer dental practice has enhanced my quality of life during my senior years.”


“Adjusting my bite has helped so much. That was so huge; I have no more discomfort! Wow, you can’t even tell they are implant teeth. It was worth the wait. I would do it all over again. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly to me!”


Clara had missing teeth replaced with dental implants and now gets many compliments on her smile.

“I came in with discolored fillings and missing teeth. I received dental implants and crowns. Having a great smile is so important for my confidence, and I get many compliments on my smile, which makes me smile even more.

“The staff makes you feel like family, and I always look forward to my visits. They are very friendly and take great pride in their work. I don’t trust my smile to anyone other than Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington. I would recommend them to anyone.”


After root canal therapy, Jane is happy to have been shown ways to maintain her oral health at home.

“My first visit with Dr. Pennington’s office was around the Christmas holidays. I felt it was an emergency, and they were able to take me right in. Everyone in the office is so friendly, professional and thorough. They want to be sure they have taken care of my dental needs. I also like this practice because I feel they stay up-to-date on the latest technology. They have also shown me ways to take better care of my teeth and gums.”