“Both my husband and I have been patients of Drs. Parker and Pennington for quite a while now, and have been extremely satisfied with the service and care we have received from their practice. We’ve had crowns, fillings, implants, overlays, cleanings, x-rays, and probably some other procedures done that I can’t recall, and all work was excellent, and as painless as possible.

“The doctors and staff go to great lengths to make you comfortable and to treat you like a cherished friend. The billing folks take care of filing insurance claims for you, and the receptionist calls with appointment reminders.

“The waiting room is never crowded – you don’t get the feeling that you’re part of a production line. Also, not only do the dentists take the time to educate you and discuss your treatment with you, they also listen to what you have to say. There are no surprises!

“This dental practice was recommended to me by a co-worker who was thrilled with the results of her dental work, and both of us recommend Parker and Pennington to anyone who asks us about our dentists. Simply put, these folks ARE the BEST. ”


Freddie appreciates being kept free from discomfort during all treatments, such as root canal therapy.

“I followed up on the recommendation I had received to Parker & Pennington Dentistry, on my first visit I was pleased with the staff and the cleaning. I felt confident meeting with Dr. Pennington and his appraisal of my teeth. He acknowledged that I needed to have old dental work replaced, and he watched things closely and spread the work out over the years.

“Dr. Pennington does beautiful work, and I have had good outcomes with everything he has done over the years. He is very careful to match colors when doing crowns, and I have no sensitive areas. I tend to get very tense during treatments, and Dr. Pennington and his staff are always concerned with whether I am experiencing any discomfort during the procedure. He has done fillings, some bonding, several crowns and a root canal.”


Retired periodontist Dr. Ambrose compliments our exceptional dental practice and appreciates being treated in a gentle, caring manner.

“Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington have an exceptional dental practice. They practice state-of-the-art care with state-of-the-art dental materials and equipment. The staff is exceptionally talented in fulfilling all the supporting roles needed for a smooth-running, patient-focused dental practice.

“I selected Drs. Parker and Pennington because during my years as a periodontist, I had a chance to see the consistent quality of dentistry they provide. The dental treatment I have received has been expertly performed in a gentle, caring fashion.”

Dr. Mike Ambrose

Stephanie, a patient for 15 years, enjoys the warmth of our team, and appreciates that we offer the latest dental technology to our patients.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with both Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington, and my experience with both has been exquisite. They are both warm, personable, and take the greatest pride in what they do. They have always communicated well about the treatments I needed, and they bring the latest dental technology to their patients. They’ve always exceeded my expectations for treatment, and both my husband and I have been patients for fifteen years.”


Youngsters Kyla and Mason reported a pain-free cleaning, and their smiles look great.

“We were referred to Parker & Pennington and told they had the best reputation in the area. Our children, Mason and Kyla, had their teeth checked and cleaned. They reported that there was no pain and the staff was very nice. Their smiles look great.”

Mason & Kyla