Jeff appreciated our constant concern for his comfort during his full-mouth reconstruction and is now able to smile, eat his favorite foods and speak normally.

“Until Parker & Pennington, I was never comfortable with a dentist or their staff. There were visits where even a simple cleaning required me to take medication for anxiety. Not so with P & P.

“Drs. Parker and Pennington have great personalities and a true willingness to really work with a patient. They don’t just talk a good game; they have superb expertise. Although the treatment was intense and of long duration, every step was explained, and all costs were examined and approved. Whenever there was the least chance of me feeling distressed or anxious, it was addressed immediately.

“My professional work (providing training) required a great deal of talking, both in person and on camera. I was very self-conscious about the condition of my mouth, and it was worsening. It was a long process, but I should have had the work done a long time ago. I now have the confidence to smile, can eat my favorite foods and speak in a normal voice.”