Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Pennington and Dr. Parker take full advantage of innovations in dental technology to provide their patients with exceptional, comfortable care. They upgrade their technology regularly to ensure they have the best equipment available.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysIvoclar Soft Tissue Laser

    Laser dentistry makes dental procedures more comfortable for the patient. Procedures can be completed more quickly and there is no lasting discomfort. We use the Ivoclar soft tissue laser to treat oral lesions, to provide frenectomies (removal of invasive gum tissue) and for cosmetic gum surgery to even out a gum line or correct a gummy smile.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysPanoramic X-rays

    Panoramic X-rays capture a detailed, 360┬░ view of your entire mouth in a single image. We use this type of X-ray to evaluate jaw joint problems, plan denture cases, and for orthodontic treatment.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysDigital X-rays

    Digital X-rays are high-speed X-rays that use 80% less radiation than film X-rays. They allow our doctors to examine fine details such as early forming cavities. Digital X-rays can be displayed on a monitor so that we can show our patients any problem areas and discuss treatment options.

  • Advanced Technology, St. Marys3D Cone Beam CT Scanner

    The cone beam CT scanner produces highly accurate, high definition three-dimensional images that provide invaluable information when planning dental implantation procedures. Our doctors are able to analyze the position of sinuses, tooth roots and jawbone with greater accuracy than with traditional film X-rays or other scans.

  • Advanced Technology - Sicat-SoftwareSirona SICAT

    SICAT software is used for planning precise dental implantation as well as to check bite alignment in real time. The 3D imaging software shows exactly how a patient’s jaw moves when chewing or opening and how the upper and lower arches of teeth meet. This advanced technology allows our doctors to pinpoint areas of misalignment that can cause discomfort and damage to teeth.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysSidexis Implant-Planning Software

    After taking comprehensive 3D X-rays of your mouth and jaw, we use Sidexes software to carefully plan all the details of the dental implant placement procedure.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysDental Microscopes

    Our doctors use the Global dental microscope to illuminate hard-to-see areas of the mouth allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment of any issues. This technology provides the magnification needed for our doctors to locate root canals that aren’t easily visible when performing endodontic procedures.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysHigh-tech Loupes

    Loupes and headlamps mounted to glasses give our dentists premium magnification, illumination and clarity of vision. Our patients who are physicians themselves have commented on the quality of our loupes.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysIntraoral Photography

    Intraoral cameras are small handheld digital cameras that project an enlarged image of the inside of your mouth onto a computer screen. We use the Fuji S2 intraoral camera as an exam, treatment planning and educational tool for our patients.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysUltrasonic Scalers

    Our hygienists use ultrasonic scalers to quickly and painlessly remove hardened plaque and stains from the surface of your teeth. Ultrasonic scalers use high-frequency sound waves to remove buildup without harming your teeth.

  • Advanced Technology, St. MarysIsolite┬« Oral Illumination

    The Isolite system has five levels of illumination, allowing our doctors and hygienists to choose the perfect light source for any procedure. Using the dual vacuum controls, we can focus on a specific area of humidity for more comfortable treatment.

  • Electric Handpiece - High-Tech DentistryElectric handpieces

    Our doctors use electric handpieces to make routine dental procedures a quieter and more relaxing experience. Electric handpieces offer increased efficiency and thoroughness for certain procedures when compared to the traditional drill. The result is shorter procedures which means less time you spend in the dental chair.

  • Air Abrasion - High-Tech DentistryAir Abrasion

    Air abrasion uses tiny particles to gently blast away tooth decay on small cavities. This procedure is more comfortable than a conventional drill, and we especially like to use this method of decay removal when working with children.



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