One-Visit Crowns and Bridges in St. Marys

One-Visit Crowns and Bridges in St. Marys

Dr. Parker shows Jane how the CEREC system captures a digital impression of an area of her mouth, which the software converts to a three-dimensional image.

Durable, natural-looking restorations in a single visit

One-Visit Crowns and Bridges in St. MarysOne-Visit Crowns

The traditional method of producing a crown required two or more office visits for our busy patients. Using state-of-the-art CEREC technology, we can create a strong, lifelike crown in an hour or two.

Our practice has a complete lab for fabricating CEREC restorations, and our highly experienced Certified Dental Technician (CDT) provides custom shading and glazing on your new crown for a perfect match to your natural teeth.

One-Visit Crowns and Bridges in St. Marys

With our CEREC system, we can create beautiful, durable crowns in a single visit.

CEREC restorations have been proven in clinical studies to last longer than restorations fabricated in other manners and with different materials.

Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington have extensive experience with restorative and cosmetic dentistry. They always tailor treatment to meet your individual needs and desires.

How CEREC works

This cutting-edge technology allows us condense a formerly lengthy process down to a single office visit. The CEREC procedure involves the following four steps.

Digital impression: We capture a 3D image of your tooth with a handheld digital camera, and the image is sent to the design station.

Design: Your doctor designs and previews your new restoration with CEREC software.

Milling: With the CEREC system, crowns are milled from a single piece of durable porcelain making them resistant to cracks and breaking.

Finishing touches: Your doctor and certified dental technician (CDT) take great care to ensure that you new crown matches your other teeth perfectly and fits comfortably.

One-Visit Crowns and Bridges in St. Marys

Left: Your doctor captures a digital impression with a handheld camera and the image is used to design your restoration. Center: Restorations are milled from a single block of porcelain for durability. Right: Our CDT customizes your restorations for a perfect match to your natural teeth.

Benefits of CEREC

One-Visit Crowns and Bridges in St. Marys

Jane loves her revitalized smile.

Faster: CEREC crowns, veneers, bridges and onlays/inlays can be created in a single visit, a time-saving convenience.

Stronger: Restorations created with our CEREC system are not only made quickly, they are much stronger. The CEREC system mills restorations out of a single unit of porcelain making them much more resistant to wear and tear. Traditional crowns are made with a process of layering and pressing composite materials.

Biocompatible: CEREC uses nonmetal, biocompatible materials for a healthier restoration.

Beautiful and natural looking: We use a revolutionary e.max material that mimics nature with its opalescence and transparency, much like the natural prisms in tooth enamel. Ceramic blocks are available in 17 shades for precise color matching. Additionally, our CDT can tint your crown to match your natural teeth beautifully in the same visit.

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One-Visit Bridges

One-Visit Crowns and Bridges in St. Marys

We can create natural-looking bridges in a single visit with our CEREC system.

Bridges are used to replace one or two missing teeth. A row of porcelain crowns is created to (a) substitute for the missing tooth (or teeth) and (b) to be cemented to the natural teeth adjacent to the gap.

We can create bridges using our CEREC system in a single visit. As with any restoration we provide, your new bridge is custom tinted to match your natural teeth.

Our dental implants consist of a titanium post to anchor the custom abutment and porcelain crown.

Dental implants don’t require that healthy adjacent teeth be altered.

However, because traditional bridges require the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth be ground down to accept the bridge, we recommend dental implants as the best solution for replacing a single missing tooth. Dental implants last longer than traditional bridges.

There are cases where a traditional bridge is a better option than implants, i.e, when there isn’t sufficient bone to hold an implant post, or when the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth would benefit from a crown to repair damage.

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