New Patient Examination

New Patient Examination, St. Marys

Get ready for a very thorough dental exam

When you visit Parker & Pennington Dentistry, you will be greeted warmly and given a tour of our practice. Our upscale, modern office is fresh and clean, as cozy as home, with no antiseptic aromas. Our dedicated and friendly staff will welcome you and put you at ease.

Our approach to optimum oral health

New Patient Examination, St. Marys

Our doctors want you to have a lifetime of excellent oral health.

We want our patients to be in the best overall health possible and that frequently begins with good oral health. We employ a conservative approach that achieves the best possible outcome with the least possible dentistry.

Our approach is driven by scientific results, and we implement technology and protocol that have been proven to be effective and provide outstanding results for our patients.

We consider ourselves to be strategists for your lifetime of dental health.

Initial consultation

An initial consultation so we can find out how we can help you.

After being greeted and given a tour, you’ll be shown to a consultation room where a member of our courteous administrative team will sit with you and listen to why you came to the practice, what services you are interested in and how we can help.

You’ll then be introduced to the doctor and assistant who will be providing your treatment, they will be informed of your requests and will ask any additional questions they may have.

Comprehensive oral exam

We’ve found that patients usually come in for one of four reasons, or a combination of these. They want to be free from pain, they want to be able to eat better, they want peace of mind about their oral health and/or they want to improve the appearance of their smile.

New Patient Examination, St. Marys

Part of our functional exam is checking for temporomandibular (jaw point) disorders.

Drs. Parker and Pennington provide comprehensive oral examinations to accurately diagnosis any problems you may have with your teeth and gums. Prior to the examination, our doctors thoroughly review the forms you filled out prior to your visit, so that we have a complete overview of your dental history.

In addition to your dental history, we want to know if you have had an unfavorable dental experience, complications with a past dental procedure, or are generally fearful of dental treatment. We will address your concerns and put you at ease.

We do a functional exam to evaluate your occlusion (bite), how the upper and lower teeth meet when chewing or at rest. Balancing your bite is an important factor for lasting treatment, as a misaligned bite can lead to wear and tear on both natural teeth and restorations.

We examine the temporomandibular (jaw) joints for pain or tenderness, listen for clicking, popping, or grating sounds during jaw movement and look for limited motion or locking of the jaw while opening or closing the mouth. Temporomandibular issues may also be caused by a poorly aligned bite.

Our doctors will also perform a structural exam. We evaluate your mouth on a tooth-by-tooth basis, checking for signs of decay, pitting on the biting surfaces of your teeth and grooves or notches near your gum line. We check for gaps between your teeth where food may get trapped and lead to decay and gum disease.

New Patient Examination, St. MarysDuring the periodontal exam, we look for signs of gum disease by gently probing between your teeth and gums to check the depths of the “pockets.” Deep pockets are indicators of gum disease, which should be treated immediately as gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss in adults.

We also evaluate your existing bone structure and assess factors that influence the predisposition for gum disease, including chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and habits such as smoking.

Although oral cancer is actually quite rare, we also look for any lesions or abnormalities that may be precursors of this disease.

We will conduct a cosmetic exam where we will look carefully at how your teeth fit in your face, their size shape, condition and position, and check lip and gum dynamics. We ask if you have any concerns about your smile that you would like to address now or in the future.

Digital X-rays

Should X-rays be deemed necessary, you will be guided by one of our well-trained assistants. We use digital X-rays that are powerfully focused, yet emit very little radiation.

Intraoral photography

Intraoral photos are delivered to a large monitor to show us – and you – exactly what issues may need to be addressed.

New Patient Examination, St. Marys

Left: High-quality external photos help us analyze your facial dynamics and the aethetics of your smile. Right: Digital X-rays capture detailed images and emit very little radiation.

Personalized treatment plan

New Patient Examination, St. Marys

Dr. Parker and Stephanie review her intraoral photos and discuss treatment options.

When more comprehensive care is required, your doctor will meet with you to discuss your options. We want to have a complete understanding of your needs and take plenty of time to study your case. We want to “know your mouth like the back of our hand” and often ask that you bring in photos of your high school or wedding smile.

If you are interested in correcting your dental issues, we ask that you come back in for a treatment discussion for further exploration of options available for you, and the estimated costs of each. We can review your X-rays and photos with you to provide further clarification.