Full-Mouth Reconstruction in St. Marys

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Pennington shows a patient three-dimensional views of his mouth and provides options for providing a full-mouth restoration.

Restore your smile to full health, function and beauty

If most of your teeth are decayed, missing or otherwise damaged, and it’s difficult or painful to chew, it’s probably time to consider a full-mouth reconstruction.

Full-mouth reconstruction is a term used for a variety of procedures that can be employed to restore your mouth to full health, function and beauty. Treatment may include dental implants, implant-supported restorations, treatment for gum disease and TMJ disorders, root canal therapy, porcelain crowns and onlays and inlays.

Experienced, compassionate care

Dr. Pennington and Dr. Parker have extensive experience with providing full-mouth dental restorations. Both doctors possess the advanced training and interdisciplinary skills required to treat complex cases, and both do so with kindness and compassion.

Our goal is to restore your dental health so that you may enjoy an improved quality of life. In fact, we’ve had patients comment that their mouth is in the best condition of their life after full-mouth reconstruction.

Precise diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in St. Marys

Dr. Pennington and Dr. Parker begin your treatment with a thorough diagnostic process.

Drs. Pennington and Parker believe that the process of a full-mouth reconstruction is made successful by a thorough and complete diagnostic process and extensive advanced planning.

Initial consultation

Our doctors really take the time to listen to you, and want to understand your personal needs and goals for your oral health. They discuss options with you and can provide generalities on treatment costs for you to review at your leisure.

Comprehensive exam and digital X-rays

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in St. Marys

Panoramic X-rays provide a detailed view of your entire mouth in a single image.

Your doctor will provide a thorough oral examination to evaluate the state of your current oral health, and he will review your dental and medical history.

Digital external and intraoral photography

Photography provides your doctor with a visual reference so that he may study your case and plan treatment, even when you are not in the office.

Study models and wax-ups

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in St. Marys

Study models allow both doctors and patients the opportunity to preview the proposed treatment.

Study models are created from an initial impression of your mouth. They provide a “before” three-dimensional replication of your mouth. Wax is added to the study and manipulated to show what your restoration will look like after completed.

These tools allow us – and you – to preview the proposed treatment plan and modify it until it meets with final approval.

Test drive your restorations

Temporary restorations provide an excellent resource for “test driving” your restorations. We can test the alignment of the bite and review your new smile. We take digital photos of you with your temporary restoration and work closely with our world-class Vividex lab artisans to perfect the final outcome.

The grand finale

Your full-mouth restoration has been completed to your, and our, complete satisfaction! You have your final porcelain restorations and can enjoy life to its fullest.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction procedures

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in St. Marys

Dr. Pennington shows Jeff an implant-supported bridge that offers aesthetics and functionality that mimic natural teeth.

A full-mouth reconstruction can involve one or more of the following:

Dental Implants: Implant posts are inserted into the jawbone and attached to crowns, dental bridges or dentures to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the best solution for a single missing tooth.

Implant-Supported Dentures: When all your teeth or missing, or are simply too damaged to be salvaged, custom dentures can anchored with dental implants to restore chewing ability and stimulate bone to deter loss. Your existing dentures may also be retrofitted to snap on to implants and achieve the same benefits.

Implant-Supported Bridges: Implants can support a dental bridge without the need to alter healthy adjacent teeth. A series of implant-supported bridges can replace all your teeth with the natural results.

Gum Disease Treatment: Healthy gums are vital for saving teeth. We can provide treatment to improve the health of your gums and offer suggestions for preventative care at home.

Root Canal Therapy: To save a damaged tooth, an infected root and pulp in the pulp chamber need to be removed, and the chamber needs to be cleaned and filled.

TMJ Disorder and Bite Misalignment: Bite misalignment and issues with the TMJ (jaw joint) can cause pain that radiates to the head and neck. We provide effective treatment of these issues.

Complimentary Full-Mouth Reconstruction Consultation

Our doctors want to help you achieve the optimum oral health that you want, need and deserve. Take advantage of our complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and learn about procedures that can correct any dental issues you may have. This free consultations includes:

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Discuss the options for restoring your oral health
  • Get your questions answered

To make an appointment, call 912-297-6659 or click here to request an appointment online.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Testimonials

Patient Testimonials - JeffJeff appreciated our constant concern for his comfort during his full-mouth reconstruction and is now able to smile, eat his favorite foods and speak normally.

“Although the treatment was intense and of long duration, every step was explained, and all costs were examined and approved. Whenever there was the least chance of me feeling distressed or anxious, it was addressed immediately.

“My professional work (providing training) required a great deal of talking, both in person and on camera. I was very self-conscious about the condition of my mouth, and it was worsening.

“It was a long process, but I should have had the work done a long time ago. I now have the confidence to smile, can eat my favorite foods and speak in a normal voice.”

— Jeff


Full-Mouth Reconstruction in St. MarysFaye is pleased with Dr. Parker’s strive for perfection with her full-mouth reconstruction.

“The practice and everyone that works there are extremely professional, caring people who strive to do their best and to be the best. I logged many hours in the dentist’s chair, and the staff made every effort to keep me comfortable and entertained.

“Dr. Parker’s strive for perfection in his work means a lot to me. He is very respectful of his patients and staff, which reflects well on the success of the practice, I have recommended Drs. Parker and Pennington many times, with full confidence, and will continue to do so.”

— Faye


“Both my husband and I have been patients of Drs. Parker and Pennington for quite a while now, and we’ve been extremely satisfied with the service and care we have received from their practice.

“We’ve had crowns, fillings, dental implants, overlays, and probably some other procedures that I can’t recall, and all the work was excellent, and as painless as possible.

“The doctors and staff go to great lengths to make you comfortable and to treat you like a cherished friend. The billing folks tare care of filing insurance forms for you, and the receptionist calls with appointment reminders.

“The waiting room is never crowded – you don’t get the feeling that you’re part of a production line. Also, the dentists not only take the time to educate you and discuss treatment with you, they also listen to what you have to say. There are no surprises.

“This dental practice was recommended to me by a coworker who was thrilled with the results of dental work, and both of us recommend Parker & Pennington to anyone who asks us about our dentists.

“Simply put, these folks ARE the BEST.”

— Connie

To make an appointment, call 912-297-6659 or click here to request an appointment online.