Dentures Testimonials

Patient Testimonial - SelmaSelma can now enjoy his favorite foods and improved health with implant-supported dentures.

“After 38 months without teeth, it was a great thing to be able to eat again. Dr. Parker is very down-to-earth. Thank all of you for the wonderful service you gave Phyllis and me. We enjoy coming here at any time.”

— Selma

Dentures TestimonialsPat reports a renewed faith in dentistry after his experience with receiving new dentures.

“The entire staff is very professional. Dr. Pennington (assisted by Danni) did my surgery, and it went very well. The extractions were quick and I didn’t experience any discomfort. When they fitted my mouth for the new prosthetics, they took their time, making sure the fit was perfect, and I do mean perfect.

“The entire staff is always upbeat and happy, and also cater to your needs. The experience made me have faith in dentistry again.”

— Pat

Patient Testimonial - SharonWith implant-supported dentures, Sharon is free from pain, is comfortable eating in public and feels like she’s a nicer person to be around.

“After receiving implant-supported dentures, I am no longer in pain, and I can eat anything. These teeth are actually better than my original teeth. I can chew gum and I can whistle. My grandmother used to whistle when I was growing up, and I did too – until 1992 when I got my first upper denture and was then unable to whistle.

“The staff has all become part of my life, just like family. If I see any of them in the store, they always give me a hug and say ‘hello.’ I could not have searched the world over and found anyone better! They are heaven sent. I smile more now and am more outgoing. I am a nicer person to be around, and I’m no longer afraid to eat in public.”

— Sharon

Patient Testimonial - SteveSteven’s genetic predisposition led him to dentures at an early age. After 50 years, he is no longer ashamed to smile.

“The staff’s professionalism and attention to the patient is amazing. I’ve had dentures for 50 years due to a genetic predisposition to poor teeth, and I was always ashamed of my smile.

“I had implants previously, and it was a total failure. I pulled some of the implants out myself. The work that Dr. Parker and his staff did was FLAWLESS! I now have a smile that would rival Eric Estrada from CHiPs.”

— Steven

Our patients enjoy a better quality of life with dentures that aren’t painful, don’t slip, and allow them to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

“I came to this office in such pain due to poorly fitting dentures. The office staff was amazing. Meeting Dr. Parker and Stacy sold me on obtaining new dentures. I was a little skeptical about spending more money on a new set of dentures, but after two months of waiting and putting in the new dentures I could not be anymore thrilled.

My face and smile are back. Now about Stacy and Dr. Parker, I felt like I was at home with them. They are extremely wonderful people. I am coming back for implants due to the way Stacy and Dr. Parker handled the whole procedure. I felt like I was their only patient. I definitely recommend this office for all dental care.”

— Aggie

“I really love my new teeth. I can eat anything I want. My family took me to the Melting Pot for my birthday and it was so nice to be able to eat. Dr. Parker and Stacy did a great job. I love to smile now and my dentures feel like real teeth.”

— Aiko

“CDR Val J. Jensen, my husband, returned from his second deployment to Iraq with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Shortly thereafter, we were told I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. After surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and continued medication, I am now a six-year survivor. The side effects from the illness, treatment and complications may cause problems with the patient’s oral health such as infection, decay, abscesses and breakage. Those experiences happened to me.

“We were very pleased with the wonderful work Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington did in my husband’s case. When we talked with Dr. Parker, he recommended that it would be best for my health to remove all remaining teeth and immediately replace them with dentures made by him. Dr. Diane Pennington performed the oral surgery that included four implants, and Dr. Parker came to her office to place the upper and lower dentures immediately after the extractions. Three weeks later, my husband and I are so pleased with my smile and the appearance of my new teeth! Everyone is amazed at the natural look. Thank you, Dr. Parker, for your expertise which has made such a positive difference.”

— Kate

“First of all, Dr. Parker tries not to be judgmental. He truly understands the genetics of patients and loves the challenges. He’s one of those rare dentists who don’t settle for 89% or even 98%. His standards lean towards your standards. He demands excellence from himself. I have felt like I have known him for a very long time.

“I have enjoyed his chair side demeanor, his wit, and sense of humor. His respect for you as a human, caring, and time has gone a long way. But, yet being professional. He seems to ‘steer’ away from the ‘cattle call’ waiting room theory. This tells me he values and respects you as patient.

“Patience is the key for ‘custom dentures.’ My adventure has been a great one. My family has seen me go from a ‘low’ to an all-time high. My biggest thrill is to ‘crunch’ loud to and irritate the grandchildren. No more sitting on the sideline. I look forward to each day. And when your husband tells you that you look ten years younger. Then you can only give the credit to Dr. Parker.”

— Carol

“My dentures fit great and I can eat anything I want and do not have any pain anymore. I also find that I am never sick anymore.”

— Doug

“I love my new set of dentures. They are very pretty. I eat better and feel much better about myself, so thank you again.”

— Evelyn

“With my new dentures, I am able to chew my food as well as a food blender. My old dentures would just mash my food together and I would swallow my food in big chunks. I can speak so much better! I can now pronounce words that were quite difficult for me such as –philanthropy, successful, normally, and many others words I can’t recall at the moment. I can now move my tongue and my jaw in any position, and I am not concerned about my lower dentures flipping up.

“I wish there was someone like Dr. Parker around when I had all my teeth extracted 50 years ago. I am sure it would not have been so traumatic! I love the way my lower dentures feel in my mouth. They fit so well, and I feel like they are my natural teeth.”

— Vera

“Your office is a top notch operation and you really have it going on. I am now able to eat so much better with the work you have done on my dentures.”

— James

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