Dental Mouth Guards in St. Marys

Custom fit for the best protection

Dental Mouth Guards in St. MarysDental mouth guards are acrylic oral appliances used to protect teeth from heavy grinding at night (bruxism), or from damage during sporting activities.

Although mouth guards are available over-the-counter, these stock oral appliances are not adjustable and provide very little actual protection. In addition, stock mouth guards are usually bulky, making breathing and talking more difficult.

Creating your personalized mouth guard

Our doctors create mouth guards that are customized to fit your mouth snugly for optimum protection and comfort.

Dental Mouth Guards in St. MarysThey begin by taking an impression of your mouth, which is sent to Bite Tech’s lab and is used to fabricate your personalized ArmourBite® mouth guard. Oral appliances that are customized to the individual offer far better protection and comfort than stock mouth guards do.

Mouth guards are generally worn over the upper arch, but are also used for the lower jaw when there is a fixed dental appliance, such as braces.

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