Custom Dentures in St. Marys

Custom Dentures in St. Marys

Natural-looking, well-fitting Dentures that won’t slip

Wearing dentures doesn’t need to be uncomfortable or unattractive. Dr. Sid Parker utilizes advanced techniques for creating custom dentures that don’t slip, look beautiful and allow you to eat and speak naturally. He makes premium quality, lifelike dentures that recreate the character of your smile. Your new dentures can be removable, or stabilized with as little as two dental implants per arch.

A leader in the field of custom dentures

Dr. Parker is recognized as a premier dental practitioner and began gaining attention while attending the Georgia Health Sciences University, receiving the Woody Oaks Award for most outstanding young dentist, and the Prosthodontics Award of Excellence.

He has published articles on his approach to creating removable full dentures in the Kois Center’s Journal for Excellence and Dear Doctor – Dentistry & Oral Health, a trusted healthcare magazine featuring information provided by leading medical professionals.

State-of-the-art, well-fitting Dentures

Custom Dentures in St. Marys

The Ivocap system provides state-of-the-art mixing and injecting technology.

There are a variety of materials available to fabricate the “gum” portion of dentures, and many materials shrink during processing. Our lab uses a revolutionary system, SR Ivocap, which completely compensates for the shrinking of denture base material during processing.

SR Ivocap uses a state-of-the-art mixing and injection technology that provides extremely accurate results, creating durable dentures that provide you with the best possible fit. Dentures adhesives are not needed to anchor your dentures.

You can talk and smile with confidence, and eat what you want, and what you need to maintain nutritional health. The biocompatible material won’t distort taste or collect odors.

Free Dentures Consultation

Dr. Parker understands that transitioning to dentures can be a big step, so he offers a consultation answer all your questions and go over your options.
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Our Dentures procedure

Facial analysis for an attractive smile

Dr. Parker analyses your facial features and takes measurements of your teeth to determine how prosthetic teeth should be placed in the denture base plate to provide you with the most comfortable fit, best function and most natural appearance.

He takes into consideration the size, shape and length teeth should be, how far back they should sit in your mouth, the amount of teeth that will show when smiling, and how much space should be left between the upper and lower teeth when they are rest.

Photographic reference

Photographs provided by you from earlier times can be very helpful when planning the design of your new dentures. They provide a reference for how you used to look or even how you might want to change your appearance. Dr. Parker also takes external digital photos at various angles to analyze your facial structure, and he takes intraoral photos that are sent to the lab artist to help them match your natural gum color.

Balancing the bite for full functionality

Custom Dentures in St. Marys

Dr. Parker checks how your teeth meet by having you bite on a piece of soft wax.

An extremely important aspect of fabricating a denture that fits and functions well is balancing the bite. Occlusion is the fitting together of the teeth of the lower jaw with the corresponding teeth of the upper jaw when the mouth is at rest, and if not properly balanced, prosthetics can become cracked or worn and TMJ disorders may occur.

Simulating natural gums and natural speech

Dr. Parker carefully simulates natural gums, which is particularly important when the lip rises above the teeth when smiling, talking or eating.

In addition, the small ridges that occur naturally in the palate of the upper arch (called palatal rugae) can be added to the denture for clarity of speech, ease of chewing lumpy food and reduced spitting when speaking.

Functional impressions to perfect your denture

Custom Dentures in St. Marys

Dr. Parker works with his patients to understand the challenges and benefits of dentures.

Dr. Parker takes extra steps to ensure a comfortable, secure fit for your dentures. Dr. Parker uses an impression of your mouth to create a diagnostic denture. The diagnostic denture allows room for functional impression material to be inserted between a very slim space between it and your mouth.

The functional impression material sets slowly over a period of several weeks while you speak, smile and chew. This allows Dr. Parker to see any problems and adjust your denture to eliminate areas that may cause irritation, thereby ensuring a comfortably secure fit.

The diagnostic denture is worn for several months while Dr. Parker fine-tunes the fit to perfection prior to fabricating the final denture. Porcelain (rather than plastic) teeth are used in the diagnostic denture for a more natural appearance, and because porcelain doesn’t wear down and lose any vertical dimension of the tooth structure.

Although this process takes longer and is more expensive than other methods, the results and testimonials from our patients have proven this course of treatment to be well worth it.


Lifelike aesthetics

Custom Dentures in St. Marys

Our highly skilled technician tints the base of your dentures to look like your natural gums.

Dr. Parker works with our in-house Certified Dental Technician (CDT) as well as the world-class Master Dental Prosthetics lab to fabricate your restorations.

Our in-house technician is very experienced and takes pride in the artistry of creating lifelike dentures. She adds tints and texture to the denture base to create a natural-looking denture gum that matches your natural gum shade.

Dr. Parker has a direct relationship with technicians at the Vividex lab, and he values the experience and artistry they use to create dentures that look very natural.

Types of Dentures we offer

Denture wearers have several options to choose from including implant-supported dentures, removable full dentures, partial dentures, as well as modification of your existing dentures for a more comfortable fit.

  • Custom Dentures in St. MarysRemovable full dentures

    While fully removable prosthetics (dentures) have not held a place of reverence in dentistry when compared to fixed bridgework, they can be an elegant, viable option for restoring appearances and function after complete tooth loss.

    For patients without sufficient bone to support implants, or those who don’t want to undergo surgery, removable dentures can provide an affordable alternative.

  • Custom Dentures in St. MarysImmediate dentures

    Immediate, or transitional, dentures can be fabricated prior to extracting teeth and placed immediately after extraction. They provide protection for the tooth sockets during the healing process and ensure that you are never without teeth.

  • Custom Dentures in St. MarysNo-metal partial dentures

    Metal bars that retain partial dentures can be unattractive and cause a patient to refrain from showing their teeth. Partial dentures with translucent plastic bars are much more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Custom Dentures in St. MarysDenture Stabilization

    Dr. Parker can take your existing dentures and retrofit them to snap onto dental implants

  • Custom Dentures in St. MarysImplant-Supported Dentures

    Removable implant-supported dentures are removable dentures that snap securely over a ball and socket. With removable implant-supported dentures, you’ll be able to immediately snap your dentures in and enjoy an improved eating experience!

    Fixed implant-supported dentures stay in the mouth unless removed by the dentist for any reason. The more implants used, the greater the stability and chewing power. With enough implants, you will have functioning teeth in the same day.

    Learn more about implant-supported dentures.

  • Custom Dentures in St. MarysRelines and repairs

    As a more cost-effective option, Dr. Parker can often modify your existing dentures to provide a more comfortable fit. He also relines and repairs dentures.

Denture Stabilization

Custom Dentures in St. Marys

Dr. Parker shows a patient how dental implants can be used to stabilize dentures and provide a more natural look, feel and function while also helping deter bone loss.

Although Dr. Parker can create beautiful dentures that fit well, the best solution for the most natural feel and look is denture stabilization with dental implants.

Dental implants are inserted into the jaw, and your dentures are modified with fittings that attach to the implants, giving you a more comfortable fit and improved chewing ability. When dental implants are inserted into the upper jaw, the upper denture arch can often be fabricated without a palate.

An advantage that can’t be emphasized enough is that dental implants help prevent bone loss. They replace tooth roots to provide the necessary stimulation for jawbone health.

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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonial - SteveSteven’s genetic predisposition led him to dentures at an early age. After 50 years, he is no longer ashamed to smile.

“The staff’s professionalism and attention to the patient is amazing. I’ve had dentures for 50 years due to a genetic predisposition to poor teeth, and I was always ashamed of my smile.

“I had implants previously, and it was a total failure. I pulled some of the implants out myself. The work that Dr. Parker and his staff did was FLAWLESS! I now have a smile that would rival Eric Estrada from CHiPs.”

— Steven


Custom Dentures in St. MarysPat reports a renewed faith in dentistry after his experience with receiving new dentures.

“The entire staff is very professional. Dr. Pennington (assisted by Danni) did my surgery, and it went very well. The extractions were quick and I didn’t experience any discomfort. When they fitted my mouth for the new prosthetics, they took their time, making sure the fit was perfect, and I do mean perfect.

“The entire staff is always upbeat and happy, and also cater to your needs. The experience made me have faith in dentistry again.”

— Pat


Custom Dentures in St. MarysAngela’s implant-supported partial denture helps her eat and smile with confidence.

“Well, I just love Dr. Pennington and Dr. Parker. They have been super, helping me with all my dental problems, and they do such a beautiful job. They are so gentle.

“They did implants and added a partial denture, and changed my front crowns. Beautiful. Now I can eat and smile. Love it!”

— Angela

Read more testimonials.

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