Comfort Amenities

Comfort Amenities, St. Marys

To ensure you are at ease during each and every procedure, you will be asked to select from a list of amenities from our special Comfort Menu.

Making your visit more enjoyable

Comfort Amenities, St. Marys

Patient comfort is a top priority for the entire staff at Parker and Pennington. We pamper our patients, treating you as we would we like to be treated and ensuring your comfort throughout your entire treatment.

Our Comfort Menu

Prior to beginning a procedure, you will be given our special Comfort Menu that lists the amenities we offer. We’ll ask you to check the services you would like to enjoy during your visit.

We have flat screen televisions and noise cancelling headphones. To keep you cozy, we offer blankets, and pillows to support your legs and neck. Tissue comfort gels may be applied during hygiene treatments to alleviate any potential discomfort. We also offer coffee and fresh spring water.

Sedation dentistry

For patients who experience anxiety when going to the dentist, or for long procedures, we offer oral and IV sedation to help make the experience more comfortable.

Gentle, painless injections

We always apply a topical anesthetic to your gums for several seconds prior to administering injections. We keep anesthetics and syringes warm for additional patient comfort.

Our friendly, kind staff asks that you please let them know if there is anything else they do to make your visit with us an exceptional one.

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