One-Visit Root Canal Therapy in St. Marys

One-Visit Root Canal Therapy in St. Marys

High-Tech Root Canal Treatment in one visit

One-Visit Root Canal Therapy in St. MarysThe root canal is a portion of the tooth containing the nerve and pulp. When a tooth (or teeth) becomes infected, it is sometimes necessary to perform root canal therapy to save the tooth.

One-Visit Root Canal Therapy in St. Marys

Endoscopic microscopes provide maximum magnification and illumination when Dr. Pennington treats infected root canals.

Saving a tooth with root canal therapy helps maintain normal chewing function and keeps adjacent teeth from shifting or bone loss from occurring.

By employing advanced dental technology, such as rotary instruments and an endoscopic microscope, we can provide root canal therapy in a single visit.

Root Canal procedure

After you have been gently and properly anesthetized, Dr. Pennington will gently remove the damaged nerve and pulp, thoroughly clean the inside of the root canal and fill it with a natural polymer.

After root canal therapy has been completed, it may be necessary to place a crown over the tooth for protection. A crown is used when a tooth is heavily damaged, or to protect a tooth that will become dry and fragile over time without moisture provided by a root.

Should you require a crown after the treatment, we use the CEREC system to make you a beautiful, permanent porcelain crown right here in our office on the same visit.

Learn more about CEREC.

One-Visit Root Canal Therapy in St. Marys

Root canal therapy is required when a tooth is infected or damaged (1-2). The top of the tooth is opened up to access the canals (3), pulp and nerve tissue are removed and the canals are cleaned (4), then the canals are sealed and the tooth is filled or covered with a crown.

Signs you may need root canal therapy

Indications that you may need root canal therapy are redness and swelling around the gum line and/or a white pimple or abscess in the gum near the tooth. Other symptoms include tenderness at the base of the root, pain when biting or in response to heat or cold, and spontaneous pain for no apparent reason.

$99 New Patient Special: Exam, X-Rays & Consultation

One-Visit Root Canal Therapy in St. MarysIf you have tooth pain or other symptoms of a tooth infection, you should come in right away to get an exam and see if root canal therapy is needed. Our doctors offer a New Patient Special that includes the following.

  • Function exam: check TMJ joint, bite alignment and functional analysis of your bite
  • Structure exam: check each tooth for signs of decay, periodontal probing to check gum health, oral cancer screening, bone support
  • Cosmetic exam: look at the way your teeth fit in your face, tooth size and proportions, gum line and smile evaluation, discuss your personal goals for the appearance of your smile
  • Digital X-rays and external and intraoral photos as needed
  • Discuss your goals for your dental health
  • Comprehensive treatment plan

A value up to $424.

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Patient testimonials

Patient Testimonials - JaneAfter root canal therapy, Jane is happy to have been shown ways to maintain her oral health at home.

“My first visit with Dr. Pennington’s office was around the Christmas holidays. I felt it was an emergency, and they were able to take me right in. Everyone in the office is so friendly, professional and thorough. They want to be sure they have taken care of my dental needs.

“I also like this practice because I feel they stay up-to-date on the latest technology. They have also shown me ways to take better care of my teeth and gums.”

— Jane

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